Consumer Information

Consumer Information


College Catalog (Click link to view.)

Financial Aid Information

-pg电子app下载 Financial Aid Policies and Procedures (Finaciancial Aid Office, FAFSA Procedures, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Scholarships, Types of Finacial Aid, Payment of Awards.)

- Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional Aid or Financial Aid Information

General Institutional Information

- Educational Costs and Policies  (Tuition and Fees, Cost of Attendance, Refund Procedure, Finacial Aid Dispursement Procedure)

-Net Price Calculator (A useful Calculator to get an estimate on what attending pg电子app下载 might cost.)

- Refund policy and requirements for withdrawal and return of Federal Financial Aid

  • Fall and spring refund schedule
  • Summer refund schedule

Texbook Information

Educational Programs

Accreditation, Approval and Licensure of Institution and Programs

Student Outcomes

Voter Registration

Student Financial Assistance

- Assistance available from Federal, state, local and institutional programs

- Federal student financial aid eligibility for Students with Criminal Convictions 

- Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (Click link to view.

Health and Safety

- Campus Crime and Security Report (Click link to view.)

- Drug and alcohol abuse prevention program